How It Work

CTrading is a Crypto-Trading infrastructure empowering content creators and crypto influencers to offer a wide range of crypto-trading instruments to their audiences by creating their own branded interface (white-label) that is non-custodial, aggregating offerings from more than 50 crypto exchanges (CEX & DEX).

Your Branding

Your Logo, one domain for the platform and email.

Get Your Audience

Encourage your audience to benefit from your platform.

Encourage your audience

The more transactions your audience makes, the more fees you will earn.

Earn Money

Earn up to 70% of fees from your audience's transactions.


Centralize the entire crypto space in a single dashboard customized with your branding and state-of-the-art trading and streaming tools.

  • One-Click Arbitrage

    Arbitrage on 50+ exchanges in real time and get the best profit with just one click, quickly and easily.

  • Streaming, Copy/Social trading, Market Trends and more...

    Experience a variety of trading on CTrading technology. Stream super exclusive content to your community. Copy/Social trading to attract more users. Latest news and announcements.

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Get The Most Out Of your job and increase your revenues

With CTrading, you can be sure your revenues trading will grow

  • Get Fees Per Trades

    Encourage your subscribers to trade and get higher fees per transaction

  • Take Control Of Your Subscriber Base

    Collect all the contact information of all your subscribers and make the most of it

Earn up to 70% worth of transaction's fee

Discover how Ctrading works - and make the most of cryptocurrency trading for yourself.

The Team

The first crypto trading tool specially designed for content creators and influencers

Discover how specific cryptocurrencies work — and get a bit of each crypto to try out for yourself.